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A Lahmian Experiment

I've always played Von Carsteins. It's just a fact. I did own a couple of Necrarch vampires, back in the late Nineties, but they never saw any table time. Since I put my army together and actually started playing games with the Undead on a regular basis, I've been a Von Carstein man through and through.

Until now.

Because it occurred to me, as I was preparing the army lists for The Principles Of Stillmania Made Flesh, that it would be easier to walk a Lahmian Countess and her Thrall between editions; the changes to the Drakenhof Banner, the emergence of the Army of Sylvania, the loss of the Carstein Ring as a generic accessible item in eighth edition - it would all cease to be a problem.

Now, I'm not doing this. My army was built as an Army of Sylvania. I can't bring myself to walk away from that now - it would betray something very fundamental to this whole nostalgia-driven exercise. But the thought won't go away until I've at least sat down and run the nu…

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